14 July 2013

Moving On

I've enjoyed working on this blog and I hope you've enjoyed reading it. It's been less than a year since The Videogame Dynamic was founded but things have changed since then and it's time to move on.

This was never going to be the most popular blog in the world which makes every reader all the more important and I hope at least some of you will continue forward with me. 

The blog will remain online and from time to time posts may be added, principally of a personal nature - so long as it has to do with gaming of course. I've tried to post at least once a week but now my articles have found new homes. 

As a regular contributor to Koobismo, a news writer for Gameranx and as editor of a new venture. 

My good friend Yesika Reyes, you may have read some of her articles on Unreality or Commander Bedlam, and I are establishing a new game culture hub which we've named Gamemoir. A site with regular posts dedicated to range of topics surrounding game culture with an article from me, and each of the site's contributors, each week.

Speaking of which, we're hiring. If you're passionate about gaming and think you can write a feature once per week, we'd be happy to have you. This is a new site and as with most such enterprises, we regrettably can't pay you. We won't be making money either and the upkeep of the website will come directly from our wallets. 

The hope is that should we prove successful, this will change. We can't guarantee that but we're certainly going to try when we launch this August.

If you're interested please contact stephen.daly@outlook.com with a trial article of no fewer than 500 words. Should you have any other questions feel free to comment below, contact me by email or Tweet me @StephenDaly_

Once again I'd like to thank you for reading even if this is only your first and final time to visit The Videogame Dynamic.


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