05 October 2012

This Video Shows Everything That's Wrong With Attitudes In Gaming

Update: KSIOlajidebt has been banned from all future Eurogamer shows and the video has been made private.

There are some embarrassing attitudes in the gaming community towards the LGBT community, women and people who simply choose a different platform to play on.

This video displays this aspect of gaming in spades. It reveals an atrocious immaturity by the person who made it. It is sickening and frankly I'm not sure if I want to call myself a gamer if it means being associated with the person who made this video. Or, for that matter, the almost 21,000 people who liked it. Or the 600,000 people who subscribe to this guy's YouTube account.

This video is crass, immature sexism at it's very worst and it's definitely not a parody. Have a look:

Eurogamer Expo, where the video was made, has banned booth babes from next year's show. It's a step in the right direction. Sexism in videogames is finally a mainstream issue and it's the part of the gaming community like this who make it all the more necessary to try to 'fix' attitudes towards others in gaming either in reality or a virtual world. 

There will always be trolls and people with racist, sexist or otherwise offensive views but that's no reason for people to let it go.

And for anyone who says all this post does is draw attention to KSIOlajidebt, who made the video, just look at the numbers of likes and subscribers. Attention isn't an issue here, he has that in spades. There are many sensible mature gamers out there and it needs to be made it clear that this behaviour is never acceptable, in games or in real life. 


  1. Erm...I'm speechless. I couldn't even watch the video till the end, does this dude not know...ergh, well I can't UNSEE this now. What a dick. I guess this is why he's so popular with the other knuckledraggers.